Fear Is A Choice

Sandra Cherry Jones`I have seen the previews for the new Will Smith movie that he’s starring in with his son. What caught my attention even more than all the action is the statement that he makes to his son, “Fear is a choice”. Those four words are powerful. Whether we realize it or not we decide if we will be fearful or courageous. No matter what we face it’s up to us to decide what kind of altitude we will have. This does not mean that we should go through life never fearful of anything. That’s just not the way most of us are, but to a large extent we can control our altitude.
There are three things that I am particular afraid. They are public speaking, mice and snakes. Did I mention public speaking? When I began to show my art I was asked to be in a group show. The other three artists in the show had exhibited their work for years. During the opening reception we were each given a few minutes to talk about ourselves and our art to an audience of about two hundred people. To say that I was fearful would be an understatement, but as afraid as I was, I was more afraid of not trying to share my thoughts. I had created work that I was proud of. I had made a decision to show my work publicly and as afraid as I was of public speaking I knew that this was something that I would occasionally have to do.I knew that if I wanted to continue to create my art and share it I would have to muster up courage and face my fears. My experience for the most part has been that when I changed my altitude things worked out well. Fear is a choice.


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