About The Artist

I have loved to draw and paint for as long as I can remember but my interest really grew when I took art in high school. I had an art teacher who encouraged me to pursue an art career but sometimes when you are young there are often other things that attract your attention. So, I continued to draw and paint  mostly for my enjoyment.  In 1999  I entered my first art show and sold my first painting to the president of a local bank. Later that year I was asked to show my work along with three other artists.  I have had the satisfaction of knowing that my work is appreciated and is collected in homes and businesses throughout the United States. I love to draw and paint but I also enjoy trying other art forms. I saw an artist working with polymer clay and I decided to try it and it was love at first try. This blog is about inspiring and being inspired and I hope that everyone will be encouraged to try an art form and find joy in it as I have. I recently started an email newsletter at my website http://artisttoo67.fineartstudioonline.com  If you would like to receive updates about new work,exhibits,and special offers I hope that you will sign up. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time but I hope that you will enjoy them enough that you will want to continue to receive them. Please tell your family and friends also. Thanks for visiting.


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