Hard Work And Women

Someone once asked me why so much of my art depict women working. The answer is that I have always liked the idea that women have often been a vital link in families as shown by the work that they have performed. This work although often hard was done with pride and dignity. This is a theme that I have used from the time that I started sharing my art with the public until now and I think that it will continue as long as I can hold a brush. If you are interested in seeing more of this theme and my other work click on over to my websites at http://www.artisttoostudio.etsy.com and I would love for you to sign up for my art alerts at http://www.sandracherryjones.com, oh yes and feel free to leave a comment.Sandra Cherry Jones


5 Things I Learned From Painting Electrical Boxes

I was recently asked to paint images on the electrical boxes in my home town. It is part of an effort to turn some of these plain boxes into works of art. Although this public art project is one that has been done in larger cities, it is new for my small town. It has been a wonderful experience but it has not been without its challenges. So what have I learned?

1. I needed to be prepared, in my case, to work in sweltering heat.

2. I needed to remind myself that everyone is not going to like my art. Hey some people actually preferred the dull painted electrical boxes the way that they were. Who knew?

3. I needed to prepare my self for a host of insects that were on the boxes. Actually I think that I discovered new ones that had never been seen.

4. I discovered that I can actually forget to eat a meal. I would become so engrossed in the

project that I would forget to eat a meal. I found that I lost weight without really trying.        Yea!

5. It has taught me to get over my dread of painting in public. It’s wonderful talking with        people and introducing my art to some who ordinarily would not see it. It has been               interesting hearing the stories that they have shared with me, and the interest that            children have shown really made the project well worth the effort.


Painting On Bricks ( photos continued)

I painted new bricks. I often paint the North Carolina lighthouses but no two images are exactly alike.

People Are Talking

People Are Talking

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This is a postcard that I designed for one of my art shows. I wanted to show people reacting to my paintings in different ways. Some people think that I am in the painting.???

A Painting In Progress (Finished?)

 This is my painting finished. I don’t think that I will make any changes. Yes, I have gone back and made changes to a finished painting. Some say artists are never satisfied with their work. Some of the masters have been known to want to take their paintings down in the middle of shows to redo them. I guess I am not quite that bad, but if I don’t sell this one right away, I know there will be changes. I am going to enjoy it the way that it is, for now. The title of it is ” “The Visitor”, because it reminds me of all the birds that come here to the North Carolina Estuarium. If you are ever in Washington, North Carolina stop in and visit. 

Estuarium Visitor

Sandra Cherry Jones "The Visitor"