I Need Your Opinion

As many of you know, a large part of my art consist of paintings on brick pavers. These paintings are decorative and many people display them on tables, bookcases and such. Some of my clients use them as doorstops. They are each signed with my name “Cherry” and the year of completion.

Well I decided to add a disclaimer to go along with the bricks. I would love to get your opinion on it. Please let me know what you think. Here goes.


Disclaimer: I, Sandra Cherry Jones, painter and seller of this painted brick declare that I am not responsible for it’s unlawful use. The intended purpose is for it to be used as a decoration only. If found please do not contact me, Sandra Cherry Jones. I was not there. It was not me.

Have a nice day!

Sandra Cherry Jones Cape Lookout Lighthouse  ( North Carolina )102_0433

You can see my paintings on bricks and other art at http://www.artisttoostudios.etsy.com



Obama’s Thoughts

“Obama’s Thoughts” is the title of this acrylic President Obamapainting. I painted it during his first presidential term. I don’t paint very many portraits of famous people but at the urging of one of my collectors I decided to paint the president.

I sold the painting last year, but I have prints of it available. Sometimes its hard parting with your art but I knew that this painting was going to a very appreciative collector. That fact made the parting a little easier.

Child Playing Hopscotch Game Painted On Brick

This is one of my favorite subjects to paint. It’s of a girl playing one of my favorite games as a child. One of my granddaughter served as the model. This painting is on a brick paver.102_0426

Vintage Wine Painting On A Brick

This is the third in a series of paintings that I am doing on wine bottles. They are each painted on a brick paver. These pavers are often used for paving walkways and driveways but I love painting my art on them. Some of my collectors use these pavers as doorstops but most of them display them on tables,shelves and mantles.

Acrylic Painting Of School Memories

Acrylic Painting Of School Memories

This is an acrylic painting that was commissined by one of the graduating classes of my old school,P.S.Jones. We attended the school in the sixties. Working on this painting brought back a lot of great memories. Sometimes its good to look back at some of the things and places that influenced your life.

Painting In Progress Video

I have a video of one of my paintings in progress on You Tube. This is my first video.   I used a red painted canvas to support the background of the painting. I started using this technique for some of my paintings after taking a workshop with artist, Stephen Filarsky. I love the way that the red color is left throughout parts of the painting. I hope that you will check it out  on You Tube.  The title of it is ” Fishing Showdown Painting In Progress”. LIKE it if you like it.