I Need Your Opinion

As many of you know, a large part of my art consist of paintings on brick pavers. These paintings are decorative and many people display them on tables, bookcases and such. Some of my clients use them as doorstops. They are each signed with my name “Cherry” and the year of completion.

Well I decided to add a disclaimer to go along with the bricks. I would love to get your opinion on it. Please let me know what you think. Here goes.


Disclaimer: I, Sandra Cherry Jones, painter and seller of this painted brick declare that I am not responsible for it’s unlawful use. The intended purpose is for it to be used as a decoration only. If found please do not contact me, Sandra Cherry Jones. I was not there. It was not me.

Have a nice day!

Sandra Cherry Jones Cape Lookout Lighthouse  ( North Carolina )102_0433

You can see my paintings on bricks and other art at http://www.artisttoostudios.etsy.com



Poinsettia Brick

The poinsettia plant is probably the most popular plant for this time of the year, and I enjoy painting it. I always paint it on a brick, maybe one of these days I will paint it on canvas.

Poinsettia Painting On A brick

Outdoor Art Festivals (gotta love em)

Don’t get me wrong I love participating in outdoor shows, but I have made a short list of things I hope to avoid in the future. #Don’t set up when a hurricane is expected in a few days and you are already experiencing the wind from it. # Don’t set your tent up near expensive antique cars. Hurricane winds,tents and antique cars are not a good mix.  This list to be continued later, until then enjoy the shows!Windy Art Show

Children Are So Creative

Handmade MasksI am always amazed at how easily they put colors together to make such beautiful paintings, seemingly effortlessly. No stressing over color theory or composition. My grandchildren recently made masquerade masks. They attacked the project completely different from the way that I would have but with  better results. Children are so creative!

Decorated Tent

I displayed my newly decorated tent at my last arts and craft event in historic Bath, North Carolina. I recieved a lot of compliments and  interesting comments. It took quite a bit of time to create, but it was well worth the effort.

Sandra's Decorated Tent

Decorated Tent by Sandra Cherry Jones

Bath, North Carolina Event

We had a great time at the Heritage,Arts and Fun Day. My daughter recited excerpts from her poetry book “Word Songs”. People visited from different parts of the state.

Bath's Heritage,Arts and Fun Day

Our booth

Fabric Flags (Up Close)

Flagging My Tent

Fabric Flags by Artist Too Studios

These are fabric flags that I made to decorate my arts and craft tent. They were fun to make but very time consuming. I have great respect for people who make them to sell because of the labor that goes in to making them. I especially wanted to use bright colors that would stand out, and I also wanted the basic color to be red. The flags are attached to the tent with velcro. Presentation is very important  to me. My goal is to continue to grow as an artist and to improve the presentation of my art. Check out my art. Leave a comment and LIKE if you like.