Plans For The New Year

Hi, I hope everyone is well.Lovely Mannequin Ladies Thanks to everyone who took the time out of their schedules to read my blogs. I plan to continue to paint as long as I am physically and mentally able. Painting is my first love! I enjoy creating other forms of art so in the new year I plan to also work with polymer clay and I will be introducing another creative form of art that I enjoy, Paper mache sculptures. I have started creating mannequin heads. These are both functional as well as decorative. The can be used to hold a hat, wig or headband or they can be displayed as decorated pieces of art  on a table or shelf.

My sculptures will be a great conversation piece no matter where they are displayed. They are not perfect but I think that the imperfections add their own unique beauty. Most of my mannequins will come with a story, for example Maria is from a small hard working village in Spain. There will be others from other parts of the globe. Yes, I have a fertile imagination. Most of my sculptures will be on Etsy but If you would like for me to create something special for you please contact me. Thanks for reading my blogs and best wishes to you in the coming new year!